Here's a couple guys from College Dudes 24/7 who really love to have a good time no matter what they're doing. William's always the life of the party and he has fun all the time, whether he's on the dance floor or having sex. Shane is tall with bedroom eyes and he's known for his hard cock and his cumshots. Together these two guys were a blast! Shane and WIlliam were full of energy, sexual energy, because they were really into each other. And they loved sucking each others' dicks 69-style!

While both guys were horny as hell, Shane was the aggressor. He kissing William with passion, letting his tongue taste William's mouth while Shane's hands found William's cock...


Shane's hands weren't the only thing to find William's cock! Soon Shane's lips were working their way down William's shaft, sucking and licking as William urged him on.


William wanted to feel Shane's pole fucking his ass. He climbed on top of Shane and let Shane's rod fill and stretch William's tight hole, then rode that rigid piece of meat hard!


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