Francois Sagat nude

Should there ever be a reason NOT to have uber-hottie Francois Sagat on the Gaydemon blog? Ummm.. I can answer that one for you: NO! I think this hunk is not only delicious but he has got one of hottest asses in gay porn and of course there is that oh-so-yummy cock that I think make every gay lust after him like a priest at an alter boy school.

Well, Francois recently uploaded over 45 hot shots on to his blog. The pics are titled "Glass" and he goes on to tell us that he took these pictures in order to inspire an artist that wanted to draw a portrait of his sexy beastly self. Francois says that the project never went anywhere and he had these shots laying around and decided to unleash them on to the world, and let me just say that I am dripping with excitement!

I gotta say I would much rather see a photo of him than a drawing, but then again I could care less what format Francois Sagat cums in as long as he simply cums ... a LOT! Anyway, head on over to Francois Sagat's blog to get the FULL gallery - and trust me, you will be spending a long time going over these. Enjoy!

(Source: Francois Sagat Blog)

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