Random Hot Guys

Now, this really is a place you've got to check out when you have a spare ten minutes or so. Random Hot Guys gives you what the title suggests it will give you, but it gives it to you all from over the world. You get this choice of flags, British, American, French, South African and Dutch, and you click one to see a new window and sexy guys caught on camera in those countries. Someone, or several people actually, goes out and snaps guys in the street, at Pride marches, on trains, at events, by the pool - anywhere, really, and then they blog the findings. I love sites like this; they capture ordinary guys in natural poses, and there's something really sexy about that. If there is a downside, it is a bittersweet one: you find yourself falling for a random guy and you know you will never see him again, meet him, or even know his name despite the text. Ah, well - fantasies are made of this.

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