Rainbow Reviews gives me the bizarre opportunity to review a review site. Let me be up front and mention the people writing the reviews at Rainbow Reviews are far more qualified to review things than this author in my own personal small way. The scholarship and discipline required to review books or even cinema and art in general are a trait people study to acquire. My role here tends to be more impressionistic - or at least I make it that way. The books reviewed at Rainbow Reviews begin with the premise that all the subject books deal with queer protagonists. In the "guidelines" section, they ask for that limit. But what it offers of far more importance are books which other reviewers may not yet have discovered. Irregardless of the content and evaluations of these books, many amateurs and first-timers obviously make their way to Rainbow for them to assess. It then becomes something more - a forum and an opportunity to find out what's new and interesting, and a resource of high and rare value. I have read some of the reviews and they are literate, concise and to the point. There is a star rating attached which is difficult to argue with. They do seem to set their standards high. Fair and intelligent in their analyses, these people work at what they do with some real passion. Books remain important as vessels of communication and interpretation. Reading, with people like these involved, will keep its traditional high art form and continue to inform and regale us all with just about everything there is in the entire Universe. I like the books they choose to review and may go looking for a few of them myself. They make a terrific gay book mall.

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