Steve Cruz and Chris Ward have joined hands at the camera and announced the release of their newest venture, "Giants: Part One" in what will now be a title-a-week schedule for the remainder of the year from a studio that is now producing more movies than every other single studio in the world combined - anywhere - including China.


Think about that: a film might take 6-10 weeks to film depending on pre- or post-production issues and with approximately 42 titles to go, well, you can see how Raging Stallion Studios has time for little else including bathroom trips, and only the most basic of nutritional requirements (oft times brought to them in patches). 'Giants,' a reference I'm assuming to the various actor's size in gay porn culture, takes place in Sonoma, California on location but based on the liner notes does not seem to suggest we'll be caught in vat of oenological titillation:

"Looking ripe and sweaty, shirtless hunk Rusty Stevens ambles down the road, past the seemingly endless rows of grapevines. He comes upon Marcus Mojo who's been hungrily watching him and without any feeble conversation, the men fall into each other's hot embrace. Marcus starts kissing Rusty's big-muscled body, working his mouth down his fuzzy torso..." Yadda, yadda, yaddda."

The film boasts a who's who in the Raging Stallion lineup including Francesco D'Macho, Aybars, D.O., Wilfried Knight, Logan McCree, Rusty Samuels, Marcus Mojo and the man known simply as David V. The 5-Scene, 8-star attraction seems to be heavy on duos and your standard "getaway" set-up. But it's well-chosen cast and strong direction should give what could still be a run-of-the-mill offering the lift and verve it needs to carry Raging Stallion onward and upward.


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