RJ Danvers

Raging Stallion Signs FabScout Entertainments "Golden Child" RJ Danvers as an Exclusive!

RJ Danvers becomes FabScout Entertainment's First Raging Stallion Studios Exclusive and the youngest to ever join the ranks of exclusivity at that Major Studio.

When asked about this deal, FabScout's Howard Andrew had the following to say:

"I am thrilled to be placing RJ with Raging Stallion Studios. RJ may be young and new to the industry, but his look and energy are a perfect fit with Raging Stallion. RJ is a dynamic performer at the age of 19 and will no doubt become one of Raging Stallion's most popular stars in the coming months!"

At only 19 years of age, RJ Danvers certainly knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it!

RJ Danvers

"I really love the movies produced at Raging Stallion and I am totally into the type of men they put into their films - masculine, hairy and aggressively sensual. I like my men rugged and handsome and that is what Raging Stallion is known for. I am sometimes a bit star struck seeing all these porn stars that I have fantasized about and now I find myself getting to work with them. What more could I ask for?" stated RJ.

RJ Danvers kicks off his career with Raging Stallion Studios and their Movie of the year, GRUNTS.

Chris Ward from Raging Stallion had the following to say about RJ: "Last night we shot until about midnight, a pairing between new comer RJ Danvers and big-dicked Justin Christopher. Justin was in top form (as always!) and RJ was brilliant in his first major porn scene. RJ is a 19 year-old hairy, big dicked bottom! Obviously he needs to be a Raging Stallion Regular, so we signed him to a contract. Seeing Justin's cock ride in and out of RJ's hairy ass was pretty prime porn, let me tell you!"

Look for RJ to appear in Many Raging Stallion films this year and next as he embarks as an Exclusive Model for Raging Stallion.

Be sure to check out RJ's new Yahoo Fan Site!

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