Rafael Alencar is the home website of Rafael Alencar, a star in modern gay porn movies whose popularity rests on a combination of a well-built and extremely handsome man with an interesting personality and a 9 inch cock - in no particular order. The site here is swollen with an amazing number and variety of pictures, magazine covers, movie DVD art from his many movies and even some nice and candid shots of him marching in Gay Pride events from New York City to his native Brazil. Reading up on Rafael elsewhere, I found he began in dentistry in Brazil, working for 3 years in a clinic there until he found he could make tons more money modeling underwear. From there, obviously, he got "discovered". But this is not just some hunk. Rafael speaks a wide variety of languages and he actually makes for interesting in-depth interviews where he has smart takes on any number of issues. Yes, he may be more than a pretty face, but - in the end - many will just stop at the gorgeous semi-monster dick and ply no further. That, for sure, has propelled his career in gay film more than anything else. Built like a brick shit house, handsome, smart as a whip and sporting a gorgeous smile, his erect cock has to be a virtual icon for many. He's not only compelling - he looks damn good!

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