Rafael Alencar Hot House

We're loving this compilation series from Hot House Video. The latest gives the collection treatment to Rafael Alencar, following in the footsteps of Blu Kennedy, Vinnie D'Angelo and the late Arpad Miklos. Anyone who has met Rafael knows that he is the wild man of gay porn, bordering on the koo-koo krazy but then reeling it back in with his sexy body and oversize cock. While he has worked extensively for numerous studios for almost a decade (and done racy live performances, too), some of his best work has been for Hot House (he's appeared in more than a dozen movies for the studio!). And now, the powers that be have let him handpick the six scenes that are featured on this disc. The scenes, directed by veteran Steven Scarborough, come from classic films such as King Size, Reckless and Jockstrap; co-stars include Hot House exclusives Alex Collack, Kent North, and Ross Hurston, plus Marc Williams, Alexy Tyler and Max Schutler. For more information, visit HotHouse.com.

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