DIXTER.COM has provided a nice treat for us all today. How about a really hot totally straight guy being rimmed for his very first time?! Rad may be a familar site to some folks. He's a kick boxer who received rave reviews on a solo scene he was in a while back. Here we have him paired up with Johnny G, who digs deep into Rad's ass with his hungry tongue. Watch the expressions on our boy Rad's face and tell me he isn't having a blast!


Check out this shot as Johnny G tongue-fucks Rad good and deep. I love these bottom view shots. You almost feel like your the camera itself. There to capture a straight guy's first rimming session as he is introduced to the fine world of gay ass eating. Gotta love it!


Feet up in the air and his shitter spread open wide, Rad enjoys himself thoroughly. He's one sizzling guy that's for sure! I bet Johnny G is seriously loving that sweet tight, healthy anus. I know I would! How about you?!


Yeah DIXTER.COM gives it to you straight and delivers when it cums to all kinds of action like Rad and Johnny G. Ass eating, cocksucking and all the goodies that come with good, quality amateur gay porn is what you'll see. Why not have a look for yourself and take a load off?!

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