Ever wonder how porn stars get the gorgeous bodies that are so essential to their trade? Well, Raging Stallion exclusive Race Cooper is sharing some of the secrets behind his awesome physique. Seriously, just look at his body! Woof! Anyway, Hunt online magazine, which is published by Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios, has teamed with Cooper for a new video series that takes a look behind the scenes at his exercise techniques. "I love sports and the art of training to achieve one's goals," says Cooper, who also happens to be a certified fitness trainer. "This is my way of having fun with it by sharing something I love with my fans!" The five-episode series is titled Core With Race Cooper, and each segment focuses on building a specific set of muscles, with Race demonstrating the exact exercises he uses to build his amazing bod. To view the videos, which were directed by award-winning auteur Tony Dimarco, visit HUNTeZine.com and click on the current issue. For more info on Race, go to RagingStallion.com.


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