Twenty-six year old Quentin is a native New Yorker. He's got the accent and the attitude. He's also straight, but there's nothing he loves more than getting a good blowjob - one where the person blowing him takes his cock deep in their mouth and throat. Unfortunately for Quentin, women willing to suck a dick like that are few and far between. And that's what led him to New York Straight Men. He heard that men give a better blowjob, and he just couldn't help himself - he had to find out if that was true.

Quentin was in luck, because when he decided to try his first blowjob from a guy, Ben was the cocksucker in residence at NYSM - and if there's one thing Ben loves to do, it's suck straight cock.


Ben will take those cocks as deep as he can go, only coming up to slide his mouth back down again. If he gags a little, he doesn't mind - and that's very different from the women who had sucked Quentin.


Quentin said that getting his rod serviced by Ben was one of the best sexual experiences of his entire life. And I suspect that after experiencing Ben's pro blowjob, Quentin may find himself coming back for more some time...


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