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Queersighted is an exceptionally-informed, wide awake celebrity blog, hot with the latest news and perspectives on world and national events, among other features. It covers some of the very most recent music and theatrical releases as well as containing interviews, reviews and opinions deaking with some of the biggest gay voices in Hollywood and around the world. So it contains the most diverse of interests - from total entertainment value to more important, weightier matters. Issues concerning Gay Rights in Iran, for example are spoken of and the progress of the gay community's process towards acceptance is almost always in this blog's political focus. Serious it is, although it is also so well-written and topical that it makes an effortless read at the same time. The format here is very magazinish - picture-rich, of course, including entries dedicated solely to "This Week's Eye Candy" which, this time at least, featured Colin Farrell, never a bad thing. As a compilation of stories, pictures and articles dedicated to the gay community at large, this big and informative blog offers a world of entertainment and information.

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