Queerpop is one of those sites you wish you'd found earlier, simply because of its range and its ability to inform and educate, silly or not. Queerpop selects their version of the "best-of" articles and blog posts, linked by site, which then gets posted in total in their very cool 'room'. Selected writings from "The Free Thinker", "Pretty On The Outside" (who present the funniest send-up of Michelle Bachman and her undoubtedly closeted "Gay-Repair-Shop Psychology Fetish" old man), it probably should be against the law and may even be! It has a very healthy and hilarious sense of fun in the end and it's catchy - it reeks of superbly cutting and insightful social and political criticism. As well, we get some red hot gay porn, gorgeous pictures of hunks and all that, just to meet the appetite, offering a rather full plate of wonderfully odd and totally Queer services. The intelligence and obvious love lavished on this terrific site represents someone who works very hard at the 'total information' niche. Queerpop gives us a chance to "catch up" and still have fun, with objective articles and opinion as well as completely random, pointless, totally subjective and extremely prejudicial pieces - which, of course, are the best!

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