QueerPixels is a "tube site", called so by its similarities with YouTube. You click on an image and watch whatever movie there is promised in the thumbnail. QueerPixels has an absolutely astounding array of very diverse niches within the gay niche itself. From transvestites to bears to twinks to spanking and some S & M stuff, this site gives a fairly impressive range of styles and examples.Yes, it is completely free and, in some ways, it is risky to provide this much free entertainment, simply for the fact that subscription websites have vested interests in keeping the best stuff in a "for-pay" area. There has been much talk about the issue and many seem to have seen that these sorts of compendium sites, with their amazing and instantaneous array of flash videos, are just the way things are and will be. In a way, we should be glad, because it will keep the quality up in those pay-for-view sites, in a strictly competitive sense. But make no mistake - this is hot! There is much to see in this immense and interesting tube site, and enough new videos added each day to keep porn surfers coming back.

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