You know, there are gay blogs and then there are really gay blogs; then there are simple blogs and then there are really complicated ones. Queerious is a mix of simply complicated, really gay, blogging about all and everything that may have a gay, or camp, or queer connotation. It's not sex but its sexy, it's not news but it's newsy, it has book reviews, film reviews, information, silly things with cats, horny things with pics of sexy guys, sad things, political news, fashion, politics and just about everything you can think of. Not surprising to learn then that there are 17 contributors to this cornucopia of Queer. I use this site as a place to come to catch up with gay reality, while staying in the realms of 'being on the edge', a place to chill out and have fun, be made to think, and a place to have my imagination stirred. Like I said, simply complicated and really gay.

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