Queercents is a very apt and inspiring effort of a blog addressing practically all of the financial aspects of life, from those with money to invest to the myriad other concerns we all face in everyday life, such as shopping and value. Even on a strictly objective plane, this blog is informative and a heck of a good read. But given its obvious bias toward gay life, it has even more relevance. In fact, I have not seen better. It features contributions from a wide range of both professionals and just plain smart folks with something to add. Queercents covers a range of situations from the best values and gay-friendly places to travel to shopping and saving every day; from investing in organizations who are decidedly "green" and "gay amenable" to advice on divorce among gay couples. I think what I may have found most impressive of all, however, is the most-apparent cooperative spirit that emanates from this compassionate but still hard-hitting and very relevant site. This blog is a healthy and very productive read, complete with the most mature and incisive looks at every cranny - and some surprising ones! - of our everyday lives. The list of contributors is impressive but their advice is even more so. The fact that it is given so freely testifies to a pretty remarkable community-oriented and rather selfless success. This is a highly recommendable blog.

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