Queer Me Now is a trip. It's a fascinating and well-designed blog, developed by a guy who describes himself like this in his "About" page: "Hi, I'm twentysomething gay Asian guy who love pornography and enjoy surfing the internet. I started Queer Me Now Blog in 2006 to aggregate news and update on gay porn industry along with posting hardcore X-rated photos and video clips I've found. English is not my native language. But I believe that pornography is universal. We can appreciate and jack off to the very same hot men and hot sex." Well, we're damned glad he took the project on! This site also has more depth than one might assume on its face. By clicking on the categories in the header, either "XXX Videos" or "Highlights", we get taken to an extremely rich 'other dimension' composed of incredibly hot videos and features about and starring the hottest guys in porn, as well as that wonderful stream of near-amateurs we see in modern products of Randy Blue, Corbin Fisher and the many other sites now a days producing amazing original content with the freshest of faces. This site is terrific - hot as hell, all chosen by a guy whose original premise is to - at the very least - jack off with his friends.

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