Queer Click is a well-developed site filled with referenced photographs, videos and a free membership which allows access to any number of semi-private videos, shared photos from site members themselves, a chat room, PPV flicks, a store and other fairly countless possibilities. Begun as a one man operation, it has obviously expanded to its currently fairly immense size. While much of it is material gained from pay sites which they promote - all the current hot favorites like Randy Blue and Corbin Fisher - the abundance of images separates it from smaller sites. Not only does this large site offer these morsels, all representing the hottest men currently in porn, but it also comes in different languages - Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Well-conceived, for the average Joe Surfer like ourselves, it offers a wide variety of talent and eye candy of the first order. The other aspects of the site itself, such as the members area, also offers a fresh approach to communicating and meeting one another as well as the chance to post and ogle pictures posed by other amateurs. The "About" section describes a group whose primary interest is in sharing the gay experience and they verify this with posted profiles of all the authors and creators on site with Queer Clique profiles. Big and hefty, Queer Click is an ambitious site which is well worth a gander.

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