Queer Beacon is a movie review website and blog wherein its author takes on pretty much anything and speaks his mind and feelings about film from a gay perspective. Unabashedly and unreservedly gay, our author specializes in gay material - even those where he admits he peers very closely with his own "probably skewed" interpretations and where he admits he inserts his own "gayness scale" on the events of the film. He has a hilarious (and a funny sort of self deprecating) "gay-centric" view of Nixon and Frost in the scene where Nixon comments to Haldeman that he figures Frost's slip-on shoes are pretty cool. Haldeman, of course, displays disgust at such a thought, alluding to the "effeminate" nature of slip on shoes in general. It's really quite funny. There are other, similar views which contain humor and some rich understanding of all points of view, including the self-destructive and denying notions of the Far Right. Needless to say, his insights into "Milk" are great and he has mined some good intellectual ore in his visits to other gay roles in other films, to which he adds his own take. It is interesting watching an unrepentant gay man review movies which are challenging and which show the social divides alive all around the world regarding the gay lifestyle choices many have made. Honesty is always a great policy and this writer's own honesty made me a fan.

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