Queer Arts Resource is a serious resource. This is like a near encyclopedia of serious gay art. They take themselves seriously and they promote - in the same seriousness - gay art throughout history. Gay and Lesbian erotic art permeates every page and example offered by this lush and rather hard-to-navigate site. But there is a profusion of images and history there, if one is patient and clicks a few times. Explanations, biographies and social context are all a part of this highly intelligent look at the art that languishes, still, behind other forms of erotic art, such as that of ancient Japanese variety or of Tantric Indian and Southeast Asian modes. That the Western versions have their own appeal is very obvious and shown in some exciting detail. Cadmus, Peter Berlin, Tom of Finland are all given a bit of room and explanation, from historical to the very contemporary work, where humans want to expand their own and others' vista's in art. . This is a totally worthwhile visit, well worth discovering for any and all of us. This is a great, and I do mean great website.

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