Queensspeech is a serious blog. It covers gay-related news, and this is not your flip, celebrity stuff or hunk and lesbian eye candy. This blog deserves its own place in heaven for its bravery and for an unflinching eye at what is really going on. It covers all issues it can find which resound in the gay focus, all around the world, from Australia to Bismark, North Dakota and everywhere in between. Not a lot escapes their vision, either. This is not to say they don't have a terrifically interesting Arts corner. They also have adult links, complete with 'people sending in their own stuff for linking and/or hooking up. Lifestyle and health are categories inside here as well, with some impressively modern takes on keeping fit and staying safe, sexually. In all these matters, they use the same unflinching eye that serves them so well as political and social observers. I am extremely impressed with the clear vision and wide sweep of this blog's interests. Nor does it shy away from addressing uncomfortable news, such as violence to gays and other social excesses. For serious readers, this supplies not only solid news, arranged around our subject, but it offers some less fearsome play inside as well.

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