Qlipp is a virtual compendium of videos compiled by users and the editors both. They self describe themselves a "an ultra fab, Gay / Queer You Tube website" which has been in operation since September of 2006. In Internet terms, this is obviously long enough to amass a very substantial library of videos, and they have most definitely done just that. Topics listed cover the entire spectrum - fashion, celebrities, HIV/AIDs, politics, gay marriage and even the video I somehow can never quite get enough of - a terrible thing, I realize - Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl", from their music section. There are hundreds of entries in all categories and a search function as well, for those overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of entries. The relevance maintains a strict discipline, in the end, always returning to the roots of the birth of a gay-friendly site, devoted entirely to the life, art and politics that move us all so dramatically. Users can also vote on popularity and appeal, something many "tube sites" like this offer and which give a very interesting look at the cross section of attitudes and tastes of the users. I find this site to be wide-ranging enough to provide me with access to some otherwise obscure places which I would have little notion of how to find otherwise. As well, the most serious and relevant videos are equally available at the touch of the screen. Very cool place, Qlipp.

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