puppy training

This puppy training scene from Fetish Force is right up my alley. There's nothing I love more than being put on my knees and force fed a nice cock. And Tony Buff has a big, meaty dick. Tony plays dog trainer and he's showing Dirk Caber how he likes his bone serviced. I'm very jealous

Before this hunky dog trainer gives Dirk a taste of his stiffening cock, Tony forces Dirk to lick clean every inch of his leather chaps and boots. This horny puppy slides his tongue up the length of Tony's legs until he's slathering all over his trainer's cod piece. Satisfied with his puppy's performance so far, Tony decides to reward his dog with a bone. Dirk slobbers all over Buff's hard cock and shows how much he loves his master's cock.

Tony turns around and rears his ass into Dirk's face and gets a hot rim job. Then Buff puts his puppy down on all fours and bones his ass hard. Dirk flips over on his back and wraps his puppy mitts around his own hard dick while Buff continues pounding his ass. With Buff's cock driving deep, Dirk milks out a load of cum, then Tony sprays his load all over his well-trained dog. And just when you think it's over, Buff lets loose with a stream of piss and Dirk does his best to lap it all up. Watch the hot trailer of this puppy-training scene at Fetish Force.

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