jeremy hall fucks punk

Camden is a rambunctious, disrespectful, 20-year-old punk who needs to be taught a lesson in manners. Camden is a cute guy, but his off-turned baseball cap, black wifebeater, and tattoos give him a nasty edge. It doesn't help that he gives us the finger. He peels off his shirt and he's covered in tattoos. He slides his tight shorts down his hips and moons the camera - he's got a hot ass - and then he gives us the finger one more time.

Jeremy Hall decides that he's had enough. He hands the camera to one of his assistants and now Camden is going to get a lesson in manners. Jeremy lies on the bed with this punk and eases into it, kissing the young guy. Slowly, Jeremy pushes Camden's head down, inching it closer to his cock. Camden chews on Jeremy's underwear, and then, when Jeremy's cock is rock hard, he rams his cock down Camden's throat. But this just seems to excite this young punk further who does a pretty good job of servicing Jeremy's big dick.

After some 69 cocksucking where Jeremy not only sucks Camden's cock but eats out his ass, Jeremy puts the punk down on all fours. He inches his hard cock between the punk's butt cheeks, and then, starts fucking him hard. Camden is pretty unaffected by the whole thing. He's certainly enjoying the ride, but he looks at the camera one more time and gives us the finger. Resigned to the fact that Camden will not be tamed, Jeremy puts the punk on his back and fucks his ass hard until they both shoot their loads.

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