I guess I am just weird, because I get very aroused when the other half is sucking on my dick. I really don't need to get me one of those fleshlights or whatever they are called. Certainly don't feel the need to get me a penis pump or buy one of those expensive penis growth pills either, as the other half is quite satisfied with the size of my winky.

And now there is the posivac, or such. I am serious, its running ads on television, and while I still haven't a clue as to what it is, they even have an offer, that I am certain is from one of those scooters for people who have trouble walking. You know, if you are approved, and turned down by Medicare or Medicaid, they'll give it to you for free, or nearly free because your insurance will pay most of the cost?

So it seems like I can now buy one of these vacuum type things, for next to nothing, because my insurance will pay for most of it, but first I need to get my Doctor to agree. Uh huh, I can see and hear that conversation now.

'Hi Doc, my dick isn't getting hard enough, I want a posivac, can you give me a letter stating its needed for my physical well being, and mental health?'

'Why sure, want a side order of Viagra to go with that letter?'

Mind you, the way Viagra is so popular among all ages, it does make you wonder what goes on in some doctor offices, or exam rooms. Like just how does the doctor determine if you are having erection problems? Is there a test he performs, or does he just go by what you say?

Like what, a guy goes into the Doc's office, and tells him he's having trouble getting it hard enough. Does that automatically get him a prescription to the little blue pill, or does he ask some questions?

How about those porn stars, do they simply walk in and tell the Doctor, I got a shoot tomorrow, so I gotta keep it hard for a few hours, can I get some little blue pills? Or now the posivac.

When I want to have a wank, and the other half isn't around, I sure don't reach for a vacuum hose, or some plastic tube with weird rubber inside. I reach for the lotion, a towel, and lean back on the bed, close my eyes, and imagine myself with Josh Elliot or some other Bel Ami stud. Or I might think of meeting up with some other stud from maybe one of the porn sites I am a member at, or some actor that made me horny.

So really, what is with all those who seem to use this stuff? I mean the penis growth pills, some outfit claims to have sold millions of them, which makes me wonder, are there that many men out there with tiny dicks, or they just size queen hopefuls?

Plus have you seen the prices for this stuff? Like I gotta be in the wrong end of this business, because that stuff is pricey. I just don't get it, but then again the cosmetic industry is worth billions for selling snake oil, so I guess it fits. Are we that vain, that we willingly fork over all that cash, for some plastic tube? Hell, use a nice soft cloth or a piece of sandpaper if pain is your think, but come on, $1 a pill, or more, for a few hours of being stiff?

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