Chase decides it's time for a workout, and Collin says he'll spot for him. Since they're both living at the Frat Pad, and the cam is live as always, the guys decide to do something fun - Chase decides to get naked and do some bench presses. Once both guys have all their clothes off, Chase lies down on the bench so his cock faces the camera. Then he grabs the bar with both hands, takes a few deep breaths and gets ready as Collin makes sure he's got the bar under control.

After his first rep, Chase has to grin at how close his head is to Collin's cock and balls. And Collin stands at attention, like a good spotter should, with his chest and arms flexed and ready.


Variety is the spice of life, and so we get a view from the rear as well as the front. We can't see Chase as well, but this view from behind Collin is certainly tempting - and doesn't he have a fine ass!


Once he's done doing his bench presses, Chase sits up and shows his nice pumped shoulders and chest. And both guys give a smile for the camera. I like the way the guys at Frat Pad pump iron naked, and I wish the guys at my gym would try it!


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