Public Boners

Now here's something I know I can identify with: Public Boners. Mind you, I don't think I've actually had a boner in public since, oh, the last time I got a hard-on in the street. But the guys who you find caught on camera, or posing at pride marches, street parties and events, well, they know they've got a stiffy on the go and they like the world to see it. Some of the shots here are set up - they must be - some may even be from adult sites, and some are sent it by fans. But there are also some candid ones: a guy asleep on beach with a tent pole in his trunks; lifeguard at pool with a little too much 'authority' showing; guy in lycra with a definite outline - it goes on and on. I love voyeur sites like this, and this blog has a nice mix of genuine 'oops' moments and some very horny set-up moments. From amateurs to porn, if it's poking in pubic then the chances are it's poking out on here.

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