In the course of doing reviews, I see many sites that make claims that they don't even try to live up to. One of the claims I see so often that it no longer holds any meaning to me is the promise of DVD quality videos. I've seen maybe 5 sites that offer true DVD quality videos but I have reviewed over 900 that claim to offer it. Of course, some sites like Corbin Fisher, Bareback Masters don't claim to have DVD quality videos, which means they're not making inflated claims to trick potential members into joining.

Then there's the claims that some sites keep and some don't. How about exclusive content? Some sites say they have it but when you join, all that's there is pics and movies you've seen before.

Some sites say they have exclusive content and they really do - sites like Corbin Fisher, Blake Mason and Bentley Race. But sometimes you can't tell the difference till you've already joined and logged into the site.


And there's the matter of updates. I've personally seen a lot of site that promise weekly updates but show no dates. Some of these sites update, some don't - but there's no way to tell for sure if the site really does update for up to a week after you join. And some sites that promise updates simply don't. Want to avoid those? Look for dates on the updates or for an update page that shows the actual dates - and make sure that the dates are fairly recent.


Let's not forget the question of size. Some sites say that their videos are "shot in HD", but in the member areas, the videos are standard sized widescreen. And a lot of sites are fairly non-specific while promising large movies. I think Video Box Men is the most descriptive when it comes to telling us about video sizes, and Boy Fun Collection also does a good job. There are also other sites who let us know their samples are the same size as what we'll find in the member area. Sometimes when it comes to size, you have to read what a tour claims very carefully.


The bottom line is that when it comes to porn sites, sometimes a little extra reading - such as searching for update dates on the tour - can pay off if you want to be sure of what you're getting before you buy. Or you can look for sites with transparent tours that exactly mirror the member area, which is always a good bet. And if all else fails, you can always check out the reviews at Gaydemon or another honest review site.

Happy porn surfing!

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