Private Scotty Jacks His Big Boner Private Scotty Jacks His Big Boner

Private Scotty is a good-looking, testosterone filled and highly sexual lad who is joining the ranks over at All American Heroes today. He is one of those guys who get turned on really easily, by practically any sexy thought, and likes to jack off at least twice per day!

Scotty is straight, likes older women and has plans to become a male stripper sometime soon! He just adores it when women admire his body and totally gets off on the idea of body-worship ... especially if it is HIS body being worshiped! Scotty also found out recently that he likes the feeling of a finger inside his hole when he is jerking off (tho apparently he hasn't gone past one finger ... at least not yet). His cut cock is quite an eye-full, and when he has a full-on boner, you can almost see the veins along the shaft thru his underwear! Today Scotty is doing a solo jerk off video and the second those undies are off, he is already rock-hard and working on his tool. He's confident in his sexuality and not in the slightest bit shy about rolling over and showing off his hairy butt cheeks and the tight man-hole hidden between them! His cock is fat ... a good six inches around ... and it's noteworthy to mention he's also got a very nice pair of low-hangers for those of us who like balls ... but today's object is the cum shot, and he's not shy about doing that either, and he makes sure every last drop gets stroked out all over his ripped stomach!

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