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An innocent French tourist finds himself imprisoned in a foreign country. His jailer is the corrupt prison warden Giovanni who has little interest justice. The warden throws Ludovic into a jail cell with Matt Hughes who is charged with having a too-big cock and is already lying on the top bunk. Matt explains that life will go a lot easier if Ludovic does what the guard wants. As the guard barks at Ludovic, Matt acts as translator: "He wants you to bend over and show him your ass." When the jailer barks again, Matt says, "He wants you to suck my cock." Poor Ludovic just looks at the 11.5 inches of meat hanging between Matt's legs. "Geez, this is going to be a chore," he thinks. While Ludovic is busy getting Matt's huge cock down his throat, the jailer comes into the cell and starts playing with the cock sucker's ass. And before this jail house initiation is over, Ludovic will be skewered from both ends - impaled on Matt's huge, uncut cock while the warden pounds away at his hole. And by the end of Ludovic isn't in such of hurry to use his "get of our jail free" card. Watch the whole seedy scene at UK Naked Men.

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