Pride House In Support Of Gay Athletes

Pride House originated at the Vancouver Winter Games in 2010, and was continued for the London Games in 2012. It provides LGBT athletes, their families, friends and fans a place to mix and mingle.

But for the Sochi Olympics, Russia has declined to set-up a Pride House for their games. In response establishments all over the world are setting up their own Pride House.

Underwear models and LGBT activists Brandon Robert Brown and Colby Melvin (a couple in real-life) appear in a video to promote these remote Pride House. Showing plenty of skin to get their point across.

In fact openly gay short-track speed skater (and 2010 New Zealand Olympian) Blake Skjellerup helped launch a Pride House in Toronto on the day of the opening ceremonies (sexy picture above!)

Visit Uprising Of Love to find a Pride House near you.

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