Preston Steel Fucks a Bound Logan Stevens Preston Steel Fucks a Bound Logan Stevens

Preston Steel was just signed to an exclusive deal with Fetish Force. And it's not hard to see why the site scooped him up. Steel is handsome, furry, and he's packing a big, fat cock. I'm sure they're lining up over there to get a taste of that bone.

You know, there's nothing like getting your ass fucked with your hands tied behind your back, or tied up any way for that matter. You're helpless to do much except let the top fuck you just the way he wants. After servicing Steel's meat with his throat, bearded bottom Logan Stevens gets his hands tied behind his back. Steel bends him over a box, and without foreplay or warming up, he rams his hard-on inside and starts plowing Logan's ass.

And that's the best part. Unknowingly, a bottom deprives their ass of pleasure when they stop a hard-fucking top with their hands. They think this ass drilling their getting is too much, but if they'd just go with it, they'd learn that sometimes a forceful and unhindered ass fucking takes them to levels of pleasure they've never experienced before. Preston eventually flips Logan over and unties his hands so he can unload his nuts while Preston drills his ass one last time. And judging by the load of cum Logan drains out of his balls, he enjoyed being helpless.

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