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There must be some memo that I didn't get that having sex with priests is now all of the sudden.. "HOT". First, it was BelAmi and their "Scandal In The Vatican" where Trevor Yates plays a priest with a desire to bone tons of twinks and have them worship his massive cock; now we have yet another porn studio - - showing us that priests also like getting a cock up their ass, as well! (I could have told you that!).

This time, Kirk Cummings plays the role of the naughty priest who isn't very comforting with his words to a "married" lost soul played by the always delicious Casey Williams. But if Kirk couldn't comfort him with his words, he let his... ummm... ass do the comforting as Casey pounds that Catholic hole for all it's worth! And I must say that Casey has gotten better with age! I would sooo let him inside my "sugar-walls".

Casey Williams fucks Kirk Cummings

At least the fucking is hot, 'cos the "church" looks utterly depressing, and if my soul were seeking comfort I can tell you one thing; it sure as hell wouldn't be looking for it in that rachet-ass set! So, is this the new trend in gay porn? Are we going to get tons more studios taking the plunge and showing us what we knew all along? (Obviously, that priests are horny fuckers that want to put their dick in anything that resembles a hole!)

Over to you now, do YOU want to see more gay Church sex or is it time this kind of porn story line gets an exorcism?

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