Well now. How often do we come across a blog that actually speaks blatantly and intimately about living with AIDS? I don't come across a lot of them anyway. All you ever wanted to know about this horrible disease - how it's transmitted, how it can be prevented, new treatments, and testimonials from those living with it - can be found here. Poz Magazine has obviously been around for some time (sorry if I sound out of the loop) as the resources and wealth of information is staggering. Professionally designed and laid out, your main menu runs horizontally and will take you to wherever you want to go. If you seem to be having some problems relating to your illness, search for experts in the HIV and AIDS fields who may be able to help. Worldwide. The latest research on treatment options, cures and the like can be found by going to "Treatment" and then "Treatment News". I could go on forever here. There is that much to check out. One thing I must touch on though is that although it's mostly gay men who are afflicted with this horrific plague, the blog and articles do not seem to be gender specific. This is most refreshing from my perspective, as we all know this illness is not discriminatory when it comes to sex. A fantastic resource which all of us should visit and learn from, regardless of our HIV status.

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