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EddyX has done a few porn films with girls before, but he's never appeared in a solo before. And he thought it would be fun to try. EddyX is a DJ and he does a little porn on the side to make some extra bucks. He's 27 years old and he's sporting a nice, curved, 8-inch cock. He says in his bio that his biggest turn-on is bisexuality, so maybe we'll see EddyX back getting his cock sucked or fucking some guy's ass. EddyX is smooth, even his pubes have been reduced down to a tiny patch of hair. He's got a solid body, but he's not overly muscular. And when he is standing naked, his 8-inch uncut cock just hangs there - it's beautiful. EddyX is definitely a grower and a shower. He sits back on a couch and starts pumping his cock hard. His cock is long, veiny, and crowned with a deliciously plump cock head. As EddyX jacks off, he rubs his ass and balls. And when this boy shoots - he blasts a load all the way up onto his chest, just landing north of one of his nipples. It's pretty awesome.

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