Bentley Race tends to recruit his buddies for shoots, and last week he went for a drive in the country with his friend Jake. It was a beautiful sunny day and they were looking for an outdoor spot to do some nude pics, and when they found what they thought was the perfect place, they pulled over and Jake started posing by the car. Well, as things got going, Jake started taking off his clothes and once he was totally naked, he started playing with his cock and showing off his ass on this lonely stretch of country road.

Well, Bentley is never one to resist temptation, and things were looking pretty promising to him what with Jake's cock beginning to get hard out there in the warm sunshine.


So Bentley joined Jake by the car and decided to do what comes naturally - when Jake was lying across the hood of the car, Ben decided to put his face between those two cheeks and start rimming him...


And of course after that he just couldn't wait to get all his own clothes off and do a little cock-sucking right there on the road. Yep, it was a beautiful day and Bentley Race enjoyed every bit of giving a blowjob on that public road!


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