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Ryan shot by photographer Buzz West.

I recently had a chance to talk to Buzz West, former Dirk Yates photographer and owner/photographer of He was happy to talk with me about what made him decide to create his site and told some interesting stories about what it's like to do photoshoots with all kinds of naked guys.

Q: How long have you been a photographer?

Buzz: I have been a photographer for about 7 years now.

Q: How did you find your first model?

Buzz: My first model was a straight friend of mine that found out what I was doing and wanted to be my first subject. He's was VERY hot, and even though it was a little weird at first because of the friendship, he got comfortable real fast, and we had a BLAST taking pictures. I must have taken over 500.

Q: Have you done porn photography for other companies?

Buzz: I actually started shooting porn photography for Dirk Yates over at All Worlds Video about 7 years ago. I had filmed over 4000 shoots since I started with Dirk, and loved every moment. I hosted a live show for Dirk under the name of Buzz and it has been my nickname for many years.

Q: When and why did you first decide to create Buzz West?

Buzz: When Dirk decided to retire and sell the company I asked for his blessing to spin off on my own. It was only natural to continue with the fun times and HOT men! We launched 6 weeks later on June 9th 2006. The "Men of Dirk Yates" that you see on my site are a few of my favorites that I filmed that he let me pick out and share. I also picked out some HOT guys that some friends of mine shot, for bonus content and some fun feeds from friends over at Webmaster Central. I'm shooting and editing at least 2 guys a week that you won't see anywhere else, and the bonus content for all nine feeds update at different times during the week. I want there to be plenty of content for my members to get off.

Q: What do you look for in a model for your site?

Buzz: I look for guys between 20 and 30 years old that have never done this before. I like fresh faces, and I'm still addicted to the Military men! I look for them to be in good shape, but above all, they have to catch my eye in the looks department. I don't have ONE particular "type". I film guys from all walks as you can see, and the one thing they all have in common is good looks. So, they all don't look the same, they're all not hung like a donkey, they all don't have wash board abs, they're all not shaved clean, but they all have turned my head for a second look. Many of the new guys coming up on the site are either Marines or Sailors, and they just pull into San Diego for a short time, or just finish boot camp and are ready to ship off to somewhere else. OH, and YES, the majority of them are VERY straight!

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Q: Beside you and the model, how many people are involved in a shoot?

Buzz: It's just me, the model, lots of lights and 3 cameras at the shoot, but I have had a girlfriend attend a few times.

Q: Do you have any funny stories about shoots you can share with us?

Buzz: Oh yes! The girlfriend who attended with Shawn Michaels was quite the wild one. She was flashing him when she was standing behind me. She kept giving him orders on what to do, which was HOT, but the funniest was when she told him to show his butt off "like you did with that little skirt on the other night before I fucked you". Then she went on to tell me that she fucked him with a strap on while he was wearing that short cheerleader skirt and made him cum on the floor. I thought they were joking with me, but later found out that they were both pretty kinky and it was no joke. Shawn loves to try "new things", so I invited him back to show off with some new toys I picked up, only this time, on my camera!

OK, probably another funny story that I have to tell, which made me change a couple of things before shooting. Mike, one of my exclusives, found me through a buddy of his on ship. He's kind of shy, but loosened up pretty quick with me. Straight guy and never done anything like this before of course. I talked to him a bit, and then we got right into things. I had him stand up, and I was about 3 or 4 feet in front of him, on my knees with the camera in front of me. Of course I was being a good boy! He's stroking away, and all of a sudden he stops and takes a good firm grip on his dick. I thought to myself, "what the hell?", and then the fountain erupted! Two huge squirts, he shot TWO HUGE SQUIRTS at that perfect 45 degree angle, and it landed right on my foot......both of them. He was so embarrassed he tried to cover it up and stop shooting, but it just kept right on coming! I caught it on 2 cameras, even though it startled me a little. He volunteered that he could do it again with no problem. We were only 5 minutes into the tape, so I said OK. He never went soft, and 3 minutes later, shot a second time! I couldn't believe it. I said, "wow, that was quick, can you go again?"

I was joking, but he said yes! So, he kept going. The next one would take him about 8 minutes, but I just couldn't believe it. He said it had been 2 months since he had sex with another person, and 2 weeks since he had jacked off because there was no place on ship for privacy. I guess having me on my knees in front of him was just too much for even a straight boy to handle! Ha! Now, I warn them at the start that if they cum too fast, I'll make them do it again!

Q: What's next in store for you and

Buzz: We are working on streaming technology for our upcoming MAC members! This week we hope to have the MAC project complete, so MAC members will be able to sign up and enjoy the videos as well as the HOT pictures. Following that, we are going to put together download clips for IPOD, Play Station Portables (PSP), and other portable devices, so you can take the boys with you EVERYWHERE!

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