men in suits dildo play, suck and fuck in the waiting room

Jean Franko and Scott Hunter are a couple of hot executives and they find themselves alone in a waiting room in this Men at Play scene. Franko is a sexy, dark-haired and bearded Latin hunk and he's flipping through a magazine, trying to pass the time. Hunter is a sexy, blond stud and he's thumbing through e-mails on his Blackberry.

Jean Franko is growing impatient and he starts pacing. He ends up standing close to Scott Hunter. Seated on the sofa, Hunter now has perfect view of the big bulge in Franko's trousers. Scott can't help himself and he starts fantasizing about how things might pan out if he were brave enough to grab this Latin man's crotch. He unzips Franko's trousers and feasts on his thick, uncut cock. It's a beautiful cock and as it gets very hard, it curls up in a strong banana curve.

Franko bends Hunter over the sofa, yanks down his pants, and pulls a dildo out of his briefcase. He works over Hunter's ass, and as the blond begs for more dick - harder and deeper - Franko switches to an even larger toy! That's some briefcase! With Hunter's ass sufficiently opened up, Franko replaces the toys with his own big stiff cock and fucks the hell out of Hunter. He's really getting it now. When Franko's had enough of this executive's ass, he towers over his waiting-room partner and spews his cum load all over Hunter's face. And Hunter is only too happy to lap up every drop of spunk.

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