bruno knight and wilfred knight

We're used to seeing hot men in suits from Men At Play, but this week MAP takes things up a couple of notches with a little BDSM. Wilfried Knight and Bruno Knight are having a meeting, and when Wilfred has to leave for a couple of minutes to tend to an emergency, he leaves Bruno waiting.

Bruno starts snooping around the office and he discovers a secret doorway to Wilfried's Red Room, his own private dungeon. Inside Bruno finds a man bound and gagged and struggling for help. Bruno starts undoing the binds and Wilfried walks in. But with the bound man now free, it's two against one and they overpower Wilfried and strap him to his own bondage chair. Happy that he's free, the third man takes off and leaves Bruno to deal with this hairy executive.

Bruno turns the tables on Wildried by putting a leather collar and chain around his neck. Subdued, Wilfried endures some face slapping, spitting, and then, he's forced to suck Bruno's meaty cock. Bruno bends his hairy slave over and rims his ass before stuffing his hard cock up this hairy man's hole and giving him a hard ass pounding. He fucks Wilfried until the hairy hunk begs to release his load, then Bruno lies back and lets his executive slave cum all over his hairy chest.

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