I went surfing the web looking for some twinks the other night. I wanted to see some skateboarders stroking their cocks or maybe a couple 18 year olds kissing and sucking each others' cocks. But that's sure not what I found when I started looking around.

Seems like lately half the twink sites I find don't have twinks. Some of the guys I see on these sites I find are over 25 or hairy or really muscular. WTF? I even found a few tours where there were guys on "twink" sites with a hint of the onset of balding *LOL* These are NOT who I wanted to see when I went looking for twinks.

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to rant for a while about what I think defines a twink.

I'd say - for the sake of porn - that a twink is a slender 18 to 23 year old with a boyish face and no upper body hair or much hair anywhere. Cute is a big factor. Think of a boy-next-door type with a young look. I prefer not much pubic hair, but that's more my own thing.

There are lots of models 18 or 19 years old who are NOT twinks, but sometimes the porn industry just doesn't get this one. How many sites have you seen out there with 20 year old jocks and bodybuilders - and every one is some how a twink? I see those sites all the time - and I don't THINK so!

Now let me show you a couple of the twink sites I found while looking for the real thing. Here's a prime example of what I'm taking about - Twinks from the Hood. Take a look. Do YOU see any twinks on that site? I sure don't - the guys on the first page aren't even close. This is NOT what I'm looking for when I want to see 18 year old twink boys.

Here's something even worse - Super Twink. I don't know how to describe this one, but Super Twink is far from what I think of what I want to see cute twinks stroking their cocks. Some friends of mine gay that they feel that twinks are effeminate - which I don't agree with - but this site has gone TOO far *LOL*

Some twink sites I think really DO have twinks include Boy Station (read the review), Twink Academy (read the review) and Boy Alley (read the review). The models on these sites have a youthful and fresh look to them - for twink lovers, the boys on these sites are fucking HOT! They're the kind of boys you see at the beach, the park, the store. They're not manly or mature men, they're not effeminate or muscular - they're boyish and smooth and totally delicious!

So please, if any porn producers are reading this - bring us more twinks! Some of us just can't get enough of those boys next door.

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