I was lucky enough to get to talk to pornstar and COLT Studio exclusive model Carlo Masi recently, and he agreed to do an interview. He's gorgeous, muscular and exudes masculine presence - and he turns out to be an intelligent, interesting man.

Question: What made you decide to get into porn?

Carlo: I was simply ready for it. At that time I just achieved my master degree in computer engineering and I was quite ready to start something new and

COLT Studio simply came along.

Q: How did you hook up with Colt?

Carlo: COLT has founded me on a web site. They saw my profile and liked. At first I thought of a joke but when I contacted the managers of COLTstudio they told

me it was not a joke.

Q: What has been a pornstar done for you?

Carlo: Being a porn star made me happy, made me start believing in myself. And of course thanks to porn I have no money problem anymore.

Q: Has being in porn impacted on your personal life?

Carlo: Adam, my real life partner is in my very same situation. He is a porn star and he knows that if we want to keep staying together we need money and porn

is the best business ever for us. The problem is that we are both very

jealous and hate to think that our lover had sex with another person, but I

have learned that nothing comes for free. Jealousy is the ticket we need to

pay to stay together.

Q: I hear you have a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering. Do you plan to

make that your career when you retire from porn?

Carlo: Absolutely not. First because I am wealthy enough not to go back to any regular job ever in my life. Second because I wouldn't be able to go back to

a normal style of life... and neither I wish to.

Q: What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you on a porn shoot?

Carlo: Once I was giving head to two hot guys, I was on my knee and so my back started hurting!!! I ended up laying on the big wheel of a tractor. I

finished the whole scene there.

Q: Any advice you'd like to give to guys who want to get into porn?

Carlo: A porn career is not for everybody. First you must know that there will be a large number of people who will have a huge amount of opinions about you and

your job and they will throw all their thought right onto your face at any

opportunity. Can you keep the cool? Can you handle it?. Second, shooting a

sex scene doesn't mean having great sex. Of course you will have to look

like you are having the best sex of your life but this is not always true.

So fun is possible but not indispensable.

Q: I notice that in addition to your blog, Carlo Masi Blog, you are on

Twitter, MySpace and FaceBook. Do you find the internet is a great way to communicate with your fans?

Carlo: It is amazing. I have a real friendship with some of my followers. I tell

them when I am sad and they give me advise... and I share with them naughty

pictures and keep them informed about my shows

Q: What's next in store for you and your career?

Carlo: A store, and online shop. I am about ready to launch a new online Sex Store-by now at It is linked to my blog now but it will soon be redirected to my online shop

I want to thank Carlo Masi for spending some time answering our questions, and be sure and stop by his blog, Facebook or Twitter if you want to know more about him!

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