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They are EVERYWHERE! I'm talking about hot porn studs' cell phone pics on twitter, which of course then end up on

Now, you don't have to say much when you wanna go on twitter, you can say it all with a hot & sexy snap of your delicious round bubble butt or your rock hard abs. But if you really want a make a statement and get your name out there, a money shot of your throbbing cock will always do the trick!

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Porn studs such as Jay Roberts, Matt Cole, Cavin Knight, Cliff Jensen and Chris Porter have all shown some degree of skin on their twitter pics teasing and titillating their horny followers. And of course, their followers simply cannot get enough! Some more audacious followers ask their fave pornstars to take snaps of their favorite body parts, and obviously these porn fellas want to keep their fans happy! Pics get uploaded on to twitter and BAM - instant gratification!

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This is not just a flash in the pan kinda trend. No, sir! If a studly porn hunk wants to get his cock or foot in the (back) door of the porn industry and not much is going on, well then, pump those muscles (and give your cock a good stroke) get your phone and pose, click the day away! Twitter has now become the best porn talent scout!

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