porn stars love to blog

It has come to my attention that recently a lot of gay porn dudes have taken to the net and started bloggin' like there's no tomorrow! Some of their blogs are actually very hot and quite interesting while others... well, not so much.

But we won't waste our time with the crappy ones, sorry - life is too short! We will take a look at 3 of the best gay porn star bloggers of the moment. Let's get webby with it!

1. JayRobertsXXX: Jay's blog is one hot visit! This porn star really knows what gays want and he gives it to them on an almost daily basis. You get an exclusive behind the scenes look of Jay on the set of his movies with Titan Men, UK Naked Men, Men At Play and many, many more! Plus ultra-hot candid pics taken on his phone, pics of him on holiday in Dubai, and of course his sex videos which have taken the blog world by storm! Jay is truly determined to share his world with his loyal fans, and we are just eating it up.

2. AustinWildeBlog: Austin is not only one of the finest men in gay porn but he is also quite hilarious. I have been following his blog recently and his writing is witty and funny. Who would have known? My favorite post so far has been about "iPhone faux pas" where Austin takes a look at some of the dudes that know how to rock a pic taken with the phone and others that are... well... less successful. So looking forward to reading some more. Good Stuff!

3. BryanSlaterXXX: It's always good to see that a porn stud has other interests besides fucking and getting his cock sucked. Bryan Slater is that kind of dude. On his blog he not only features his sexy-licious pics but he also features some of his photography and his artistic inclinations. A must visit.

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