Gay Porn Star Trevor Knight Engaged To Dave Bradberry

This is one gay media couple that seems to make their relationship work. And they are both former gay porn stars. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on their bedroom wall?

Trevor Knight is best known for being an experienced and fantastic top on-screen. He retired a few years back, but couldn't seem to stay away from the cameras. He is back with a vengeance doing what he does best.

His partner is David Bradberry who stars in the reality TV show Below Deck. But he also had a career in porn. Being in the Marines, he was a natural fit for Active Duty. He filmed several segments for them, even going by his first name.

Trevor says he had to kiss many frogs before he found his prince. So he decided to pop the question to David on his 26th birthday via Skype. Bradberry says the proposal was totally unexpected.

"We had never really even talked seriously about getting married, so it was very much a surprise. Trevor says it took me being away from him during charter season to realize how much he needed me in his life. The proposal way very impromptu. I was blown away. We have not gotten married yet; we had decided early on that we would not begin the wedding planning until Proposition 8 was overturned. Now that it has been, wedding bells are in the future."

Watch the video below to see the proposal for yourself.

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