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Twink sensation Philippe Delvaux announced via Facebook that he had been beaten up outside a club in Amsterdam last Friday night. He went so far as to post this picture of his battered face and he said that he had spent the night in jail.

The cause of the fight is not clear but according Delvaux it seems it was an argument caused by jealousy and fueled by alcohol. Philippe says he knew one of the men, whose name happens to be Philip, through Facebook for only a week and the other guy was a friend of Phillip. More details will surely come out during the next couple of days but one thing is for sure Delvaux, who got his start in porn with Eurocreme in 2008, will probably think twice before he goes out with someone he met from Facebook.

Philippe had recently announced that he was quitting porn only to then turn around and say that he was working with new models for his new website that he is currently working on. Hopefully he'll be able to put this nasty episode behind him and we will be seeing more of his hot ass in action very, very soon!

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