Mitchell Rock Documentary

Documentaries have been made about gay porn stars before (the excellent Wrangler; Colton Ford in Naked Fame; Shooting Porn). While some attempt to glamorize the big biz, others just take out the piss. Now an unlikely model is the subject of a new film that is set for a summer 2014 release. Director Rome Grant and Cire Films have decided that Mitchell Rock is interesting and compelling enough to make a movie about. The 28-year-old bodybuilder has been on and off the scene since 2009, shooting as an exclusive for Channel 1 Releasing before moving on to work for Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment and others. A few sneak peek trailers for the docu feature Rock taking off his shirt a lot, and talking about how he got off the bus to Los Angeles with $14 in his pocket, before going on to make $3,000 per scene for muscle-worship videos. Sure, his body is beautiful, but can the scruffy stud carry a 90-minute documentary? Maybe they could shoot it like a zany reality show. Judging by some of Rock's koo-koo krazy tweets, it just might work! Shooting began last weekend in Palm Springs, so stay tuned.

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