Porn Star Mike Roberts

Pornstar Mike Roberts was nice enough to hook up with Straight Guys 4 Gay Eyes and beat off for all of us. As you can see, Mike is nothing less than damn hot and would be an asset for any site he was featured on. Obviously the well-hung hunk's experience in front of the camera has turned him into one hell of a performer - evident by the way he knows how to tease the fuck out of us as he strips down. I especially get a kick out of that third picture in the collage, as we get a downward view of Mike's sculpted chest and just a little peek of his still-soft uncut man meat. Mike knows what we all want to see, though, and it's not long before he's got that ram rod of his almost to full erection. I do believe we're going to have to head over to his video and watch him finish off this jerk off scene!

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