There are umpteen fundamental differences between straight porn and gay porn. Aside from the obvious differing factors such as audience types, the varieties of sex, the gender of models, etc., one of the more fascinating aspects is the part most of us don't think about, which is the psychological factor of why certain choices are made when casting and producing porn. If you've ever heard George Carlin's hilarious monologue entitled Baseball vs. Football, you'll know exactly where I'm coming from with this. Here's the first sub-topic of this exploration'

Why are so many guys in straight porn hideously fat, ugly and completely unfuckable by most standards?

Straight porn is made for horny men of all ages, shapes, sizes and uglinesses. They want to see hot big-boobed women with pussies wetter than Niagara getting porked and poked and shishkabobbed in every way possible. But surely, even if you've only seen one straight porn in your life, you've no doubt noticed that most of the men in straight porn (especially the early days) are downright nasty. This raises the question, why would these gorgeous women allow themselves to get fucked by these pigs? Aside from the obvious payment factor, the subconscious reason is simple: straight men watching porn are fantasizing about screwing the porn actresses themselves. It's less about voyeurism and more about projecting fantasies. Therefore, when a horny straight man watches a hot chick getting banged by an ugly ape with a big dick, the viewer says to himself, 'Hey, I'm not as bad-looking as him'I could actually get her for myself if I wanted to!' Sound ridiculous? Naturally, but this is what goes on in a straight man's head when he's pounding his pud to porn. Of course, I'm generalizing and this does not apply to everyone, but it applies to more than you would think.

Here's the contrast: in gay porn, how often do you see ugly, fat hairy pigs doing it with hot gay boys? Not very often, huh? This would be because gay men are more hedonistic than the average straight man. If a gay dude pops in a porn and there's a disgusting slob going at it with a twink, he will most likely turn it off and look for something else because his dainty stomach just can't handle it. Gay porn is based more on voyeurism than projection of fantasy. Gay dudes love to see two or three or four hot guys going at it, and they don't want to see one single slobby caveman on the scene. The average sexually active gay dude knows he's hot enough to get whoever he wants and doesn't necessarily feel the need to imagine being with the guys on the screen; he already knows that he could if he wanted to, he's just watching it to get off before bedtime.

Another demonstration of this hidden psychology is the fact that straight porn usually has a lot more P.O.V. shots, meaning shots that are taken from the point-of-view of the main performer in the scene (in other words: the cock). In blow jobs scenes particularly, often the camera will be placed near the man's head looking down at his cock while some chick shines it for him. This is another conscious effort of the producers to make the viewer feel that he's there and that it's his big ole dick getting serviced. You'll see a lot less P.O.V. shots in gay porn, which is a shame because these sorts of shots are really, really hot if the dick and the sucker are right.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more comparisons between the revoltingly nauseating world of straight porn versus the rosie and perky (and 300% hotter) world of gay porn. Dang, those straight people sure do need a lot of reassurance!



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