Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder

Gay porn power couples may come and go, but Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder are here to stay! The sexy duo, pictured above at the Golden Probe Awards in West Hollywood this week (photo courtesy @the_real_tball), recently sat down with Rod Steely of New York's Next Magazine to talk about the ups and downs (ins and outs!?) of their careers and relationship. The fun couple, who met on a shoot for Lucas Entertainment last year, told Steely that they enjoy their on-screen jobs, but Ryder adds, there are some things "that we leave out because if we give it all away to the audience, what do we have when we're at home?" Though Trent and Tate are open about their work together, which includes this scene for Hot House, go-go dancing and even escorting together, they say that they often trade off positions in real life. "I'm more versatile at home," Ryder says. "It's whoever's in the mood." But one thing they know is how the fans want to see Ducati, and that's on the bottom! "I'm cool that they like it," says Ducati, who is a former Titan Men exclusive. "I don't like to limit myself. I'm big and it shows that there's a gateway for someone taller and bigger to bottom." But in the end, the guys say that one of the secrets to their success came in the form of some advice from director and friend Chi Chi LaRue. She told them that it all comes down to maturity. Thankfully, these two pros have some!

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