Through a rather liberal interpretation of what constitutes fashion, men's underwear and the men who fill them out get their own time on the runway. Underwear fetishists rejoice! And male model fetishists ejaculate!

First up is where super gay underwear meets super gay bar, in, of course, West Hollywood. Yes, it's N2N Bodywear at Micky's WEHO. Since Vogue Hommes International magazine did not publish even one of the photos the lustful audience of supposed "press" snapped, I figure they all ended up as jack off material. Which is kinda of the purpose of the line. Now that's synchronicity.

Tom of Finland (the legacy company named after this amazing illustrator guy named Tom who happens to be from Finland, or something like that, there's a documentary if you're interested) attempted a fashion line at one point. It failed to last but through my sharing this video can help continue to create erections for generations.

I think where they lost focus is that Tom of Finland drew hyper-masculine, hyper-realistic, hyper-sexual images that were hotter than what the physique modeling type "porn" of the day was legally allowed to be. But Tom's illustrations were legal. And so much dirtier. So seeing Tom of Finland inspired fashions on real men isn't quite the spirit of it all (especially since they don't really turn around much or show crack). Except for the one who drops the towel and flashes his appropriately muscled bubble butt. Though Tom would have liked him in tall leather boots. A fine look with underwear, don't you think?

These guys fill out their drawers awesomely, and make lovely (if glum) pairs. It's like miniature gay weddings one after the other, but where the men aren't into each other, the marriages are sexless, and yet, ironically, the asses are fuckable as fuck. Do fashion shows have fluffers? Or shiners? Or undressers? Can I help, please?

This mega hung Israeli muscle guy wouldn't make it on the cruel underwear modeling runways, though. Because he's unable to keep his underwear on long enough. He would make it a different kind of show. The kind GayDemon loves. And so do you.

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